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I am delighted to welcome you to my personal blog. The purpose of this site is to keep in touch with friends, students, and other visitors. Although I intend to write on a regular basis, I have not yet decided on a specific format and content to the writings I will be posting. It may include personal experiences and reflections I have during my travels, essential spiritual teachings, and memorable quotes from Srila Prabhupada’s writings and other Vaishnava teachers. What is sure is that I will post articles, lectures, and relevant personal information.

Thank you for visiting. Hare Krishna.

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  • I would like to know more about your school Vaishnava, as well as the six philosophical systems of India.
    Thank you very much

  • Dear Beatriz, Thank you for your question. Please visit the Bhaktivedanta College website: http://www.bhaktivedantacollege.com If you have any specific questions after looking through the site, please let me know. Regarding the six philosophical systems of India, I´m posting here a brief introductory description I wrote for an academic paper on two of these six philosophies: Sankhya and Yoga. Here it goes:

    According to tradition, there are six systems of Indian philosophy, known as darshanas. The term darshana literally means ‘view’ or ‘sight’. The original ancient teachers who propounded these specific philosophical systems were named rishis, which means ‘seers’. It is assumed that these rishis had seen the nature of reality, which they explained in their own terms. The six darshanas and their corresponding rishis are as follows:
    1. Nyaya of Gautama
    2. Vaisheshika of Kanada
    3. Samkhya of Kapila
    4. Yoga of Patanjali
    5. Karma-Mimamsa or Purva-Mimamsa of Jaimini
    6. Vedanta or Uttara-Mimamsa of Badarayana, also known as Vyasa.

    Some important commonalities found in these six philosophical systems are acceptance of the authority of the Vedic scriptures in establishing true teachings ; the doctrine of karma and rebirth; the doctrine of moksha (liberation); the doctrine of the soul; and an agreement upon the general principles of ethical behaviour that must be followed in order to attain salvation. Each of the six darshanas explains these essential themes and the nature of reality in terms of its own categories and point of view. The six darshanas have been classified in three pairs on the basis of their philosophical perspectives, their historical development, or both factors. These three pairs are as follows: Nyaya and Vaisheshika; Samkhya and Yoga; and Karma-Mimamsa and Vedanta.

  • nityangi d.d. (Spain) says:

    Hare Krsna, por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada.Soy Nityangi de Barcelona que ahora vivo en Malaga. Abhimanyu Prabhu me conto que hay el proyecto de crear una escuela “Como la de Radhadesh” en Nueva Vrajamandala. Cuando escuche eso me emocione le escribo para saber si eso es cierto y si es asi si podria darme algunos detalles.Muchas gracias todas las glorias a los devotos del Señor.

  • Hare Krishna, Estimada Nityangi. Muchas gracias por tu mensaje.

    Tenemos previsto empezar con una serie de cursos desde primeros de Abril del 2011 hasta finales de Septiembre. Ofreceremos Bhakti-shastri, Bhakti-vaibhava y otros cursos. Va a ser un primer año como proyecto piloto. Con la ayuda de Krishna tenemos previsto desarrollar todo un proyecto educativo que sirva las necesidades de devotos y devotas españoles y también del mundo de habla hispana.

  • Baldev says:

    Greetings from IndianFaculty.com
    Guru Gyan Gun Sagar

    Shri Yadunandana Swamiji,
    Ms. Mangala Candrika Devi Dasi,
    Bhaktivedanta College

    Jay GuruDev…

    I am Baldev from IndianFaculty.com. A web journey to the greatness…

    We would like to upload Articles of your College Faculty Members on our site IndianFaculty.com:

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    Kindly send articles in word (.doc) format. We request you to make sure all references are mentioned to avoid copyright or any illegal issues.
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    Looking forward to an early response from you and thanking you in anticipation.

    With warm regards
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    August 1, 2011

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